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Sensei Raymond Sturdy

Instructor Biography:

Sensei Raymond Sturdy, Hachidan (8th dan).
KAGB President

Sensei Sturdy began to study the art of Aikido in March 1974 at the Aiki-kai of Poole, Dorset, which at the time was affiliated to the Aiki-Kai of Pentre, Wales under the technical direction of Sensei K. Williams. In 1976, whilst on a visit to Japan, Sensei Williams became affiliated to the Ki No Kenkyukai under the President Sensei Koichi Tohei. The Aiki-Kai of Wales was later to become the Ki Federation of Great Britain with Sensei Williams as its President. In the ten years affiliated to the Ki No Kenkyukai Sensei Sturdy attended a number of courses, under the instruction of Koichi Tohei Sensei, Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei, and Kenjiro Yoshigasaki Sensei. In 1986 Sensei Williams resigned from the Ki No Kenkyukai and the Ki Federation continued as an independant organistaion.

Over many years Sensei Sturdy accompanied Sensei Williams to Japan, USA, Europe and around the UK learning and developing the art of Aikido.

Sensei Sturdy became a member of the Executive Committee and Trustee of the Ki Federation Headquarters, as a result of this Sensei Sturdy became an International Teacher of Ki Aikido.

Accompanied by his assistant Sensei Martin Mercer, Sensei Sturdy taught up and down the UK and across the world, teaching in Australia, and Europe on a number of occasions.

In addition to his commitments as one of the Senior Instructors of the Ki Federation, Sensei Sturdy continued to teach Ki Aikido classes five nights a week at dojos across Poole, Bournemouth, Wareham and Dorchester building a sound following of trusted students, many of which still practice under Sensei Sturdy today.

In 2002 Sensei Sturdy moved to Somerset in order to develop his aikido practice further and move closer to his teacher, Sensei Williams. Leaving the Poole Ki Aikido club under the instruction of Sensei Martin Mercer. It was at this point that Sensei Sturdy was honoured with the position of Vice President of the Ki Federation of Great Britain.

As vice president, Sensei Sturdy not only taught a regular class at the headquarters on a thursday evening, but also a number of courses attended by members of the federation from all over the world.

On the 29th August 2006 Sensei Sturdy resigned from the Ki Federation and formed the Ki Aikido of Great Britain on the 1st September 2006.

Originally based in Cheddar, Somerset the Ki Aikido of Great Britain Headquarters continued to offer the high standard of Aikido Sensei Sturdy has always sought to preserve, teaching regular classes on a Friday evening and regular courses throughout the year with a growing number of dedicated students.

In March 2012 Sensei Sturdy returned to Poole, Dorset, moving the KAGB headquarters to the Poole Martial Arts Centre where he continues to teach regular courses and High Grade classes. For more information, dates and times of these please see our Calendar and Events page.

Class Times
Bearwood Community Centre
King John Ave,
Poole, Dorset.
BH11 9TF
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Sensei Raymond Sturdy
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