Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the class?

Some of our clubs have dedicated junior classes which accept students from 5 years old, however regular classes are open to everyone over 14 years of age. No prior experience is required. We ask only that you be willing to learn. Since strength is not a factor in Aikido this is a perfect art for anyone, young or old, strong or weak.

Can I watch a class or two to see if this is what I want to do?

Spectators are always welcome to visit the dojo and watch the class. If you are seriously considering taking up Aikido we would suggest you come and watch a class. This allows you to see what we teach and decide if our teaching method is what you are looking for.

What equipment do I need?

Aikido is relatively inexpensive. Until you are ready to make a commitment to long term training, jogging bottoms and a t-shirt will work fine. Then a Gi (Uniform) can be purchased for under £30.

How often are belt tests done?

Aikido is a complicated art with many techniques, movements and exercises to be learnt and understood. As a student’s progress is dependant on their attendance, the gradings are at the sol discretion of the instructor. However there are guidelines for the required hours of practise between belts dependant upon the grade being tested for.

Is Ki-Aikido dangerous to my well being?

Any form of martial art is potentially dangerous, but no effort is spared to ensure safety during training. Our Associations Chief Instructor places a great deal of emphasis on safety as well as practising and effective martial art.

I have a medical condition, can I still learn Ki-Aikido?

In fact, Ki-Aikido will help promote good health and well being. It is generally safe to learn Ki-Aikido even under certain medical conditions; it all depends on the nature of the disability. Please contact your local club to find out if Ki Aikido will be suitable for you.

How long will it take for me to be "good" at Aikido?

Unlike in the movies, martial art training takes months of practice to become proficient at the art. Every person learns at a different pace and our training is designed to accommodate your personal pace.
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