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Ki Aikido Something to Look Forward to

by Clive & Debbie Humphries (Cheddar Club)

30th March 2007

I joined Ki Aikido aged 51, as I was looking for that something to keep my body and soul in shape.  Also something that would not be too physically challenging and allow me to meet with other friendly people.  I was helped by the fact that my wife had joined Ki Aikido earlier and was encouraging me to try it for myself.  Well, I did, and have found in the short period of time I have been actively taking part that I have become more supple; with a few aches and pains, and generally fitter and less stressed.

Participating in regular Ki Aikido classes I have gained better co-ordination, balance and peace of mind when faced with those angry moments in life, but still, room for improvement!  I feel more confident in my every day life and more aware of the environment around me.

Now my wife and I both practice Ki Aikido and always look forward to attending the training sessions and meeting up with everyone.  You should try it!Back to Article List

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